Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer '08 Wish List

Feeling a bit of an itch that the summer is almost over; not true but I always get this feeling at the beginning of July. The nights are long and warm here in northern California and I need to venture into the City more. It can still be chilly but there is more chance that you'll catch a nice day.

Everywhere here the weather is beautiful- I love where we live!! Another perk is the amazing variety of cuisine we are surrounded by on all sides. I visit other parts of the country and realize how lucky we are.
I come across interesting restaurants on foot, through word-of-mouth, in the newspaper, and online in places like FoodBuzz and Yelp! I try to keep a running list of places I want to go, in the hopes that someday I'll go to all of them. Not to mention all the repeats at hits in the past; these are just places I haven't been to yet.

It'll keep growing, but here is my summer '08 Wish List.

Japanese kaiseki
San Mateo

Restaurant and Wine Bar
SOMA- San Francisco

Bi-Rite Creamery

Innovative Ice Cream
Mission- San Francisco

Pizzeria Delfina

Pizza, Italian
Mission- San Francisco

The Slanted Door
Embarcadero- San Francisco

Palo Alto

Roti Indian Bistro

North Indian

Michael Mina
2 Michelin stars- enough said
Union Square- San Francisco

Kokkari Estiatorio
Greek Mediterranean
Financial District- San Francisco

Cheeseboard Pizza Collective

Three Seasons

Palo Alto

Hong Kong Flower Lounge
Chinese, dim sum

southern Indian
San Mateo

The Sherman

romantic restaurant on a boat!

This weekend and next are full; tomorrow is the 4th at the in-laws, followed by some time at my family house and obligatory lounging. Next weekend is our wedding anniversary, and that means a fabulous evening at one of our favorites, still to be determined. So the list will have to wait a little.



Anonymous said...

congrats in advance on the wedding anniversary - how exciting :)

love that you developed that list of places to go - they all sound amazing!

have a great 4th of july :)

Anonymous said...

Aww your wish list sounds like fun Sarah! I adore Indian food and Vietnamese...and Japanese. Those are my 3 top favorites. Dim Sum is great too though- I don't like most chinese because it is just so gosh darn oily/greasey....but I like that a lot of Dim Sum can taste it's just so gosh darn cute!!

Vietnamese and Japanese are such great summer foods too. I am in great need of some good asian food. I only get to go out to eat if I have fam in town or I am visiting back home. Not to worry, my Mama comes at the end of the month!! Hopefully that means sashimi or vietnamese pretty soon afterall!

Happy 4th and have a wonderful weekend! I always enjoy reading your blog!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize I said "gosh darn" so many times. That's really odd, as I never ever talk that way. I think I use that phrase once every couple months. Strange!

Anonymous said...

kokkari is great :)