Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Gardening

It's Monday, which means:

1. Beginning of work week :-(

2. Chores!

That's right, Monday is house-cleaning and grocery-shopping day for me. This morning I scrubbed, did laundry, hit the library and grocery store, and prepared some chicken to marinate for dinner.

After a little lunch, I did some gardening. My in-laws brought us some nice plants when they came for dinner last week. This is a baby Meyer lemon tree.

Meyer Lemon Tree

MIL gave us the potting vessel and some organic soil to plant it in.

And these are some little vines.

Little Plants

I need to get some stakes to tie them to (for when the vine starts to grow), and decide where to plant them- we're not sure yet! In the meantime they'll live here, and I'll use the cute watering can to quench their thirst.

It's cloudy and cool today, but sun and warmer weather returns tomorrow.



LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Your garden is so pleasant-looking - love it!!

Good luck with the rest of your Monday - let's hope the weekend arrives sooner rather than later!!

Anonymous said...

i hate mondays! but it sure seems like yours was more productive than mine :)

Sharon said...

Your Meyer lemon tree looks great! We killed one earlier this year :)