Saturday, July 19, 2008

BlogHer Friday

What an amazing event!

Welcome to BlogHer

Was I lucky the BlogHer conference took place in my own backyard- next year I will have to travel! I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to attend, even for just one day. I learned so much and it's great to connect with like-minded women of intelligence and drive. It doesn't happen often enough.

I got up early to workout and drive to SF- I timed it well and arrived in Union Square just before 8. Right away I got my badge and bag of swag, and went inside for breakfast.

I was among the first to sit down, but the tables filled up quickly. I got to know some amazing women during this hour. I really hope to stay in touch with them, and I have so many amazing new blogs to read! Here are Claire, Nora, and Jen.

Claire, Nora, and Jen at Breakfast

I did have the opportunity to meet Kath, the author of a blog I've been reading regularly for a little while. She and her mom are visiting from North Carolina for the conference.

Me with Kath

This was my first conference experience; heard lots but I'd never been. I was in awe of all the tradeshow booths,

Tradeshow booths

and the big bag of swag- cute! My new favorite grocery bag :-)

Swag Bag

I was a little spastic in the morning, stepping into 3 different sessions: Blogging and Introversion, FAQs for Beginners, and 20-something Bloggers. In between I had a fabulous chair massage- sweet!

I think of the three I enjoyed the talk with 20-something Bloggers the most. It was great to sit with others my age, and to learn about what others write about and the issues that concern them.

Breakfast was not the greatest (1/2 a small muffin and a little fruit). They had MILK and COOKIES 30 minutes after breakfast, can you believe it? (Sorry for the blur, I was having difficulty with the lighting inside the hotel).

More Milk and Cookies

They smelled amazing but I can't imagine wanting a cookie at 9:30 AM. I passed on those, so I was STARVING by lunch. I ate with a breakfast companion, Jen, who I really think is a kindred spirit. :-) She's from Washington D.C., but I really hope we stay in touch. Her blog Semi-Charmed Wife focuses on personal growth and well-being, and she's also a newlywed like me.

Anyhoo, lunch was actually quite delicious- a vegan wrap with tofu, shiitake mushrooms, red peppers and spinach in a tortilla. I gobbled the first half and carved the insides out of the second. It came with some yummy fruit; I left the rest behind.

Lunch- Before

In the afternoon I went to some fashion and travel session: I wanted to hear more about what other women blog about. Very interesting! On my way home I stopped in the bookstore, which was filled with publications by bloggers. I wanted a few of them but I didn't buy- instead, I took pictures to remember titles.

Blogger books

I wish I could meet this blogger, Stefanie Wilder Taylor. Anyone so clever to think of these witty titles is a person worth speaking to! I want these when we have kids. :-)

Mommy Books of Note


I think the biggest lesson I took away is that your blog is your own, and it doesn't need to have a particular focus- it evolves as you do. I drove home exhausted but filled with ideas.

My hunger to write continues to grow, and I hope the opportunity arises to do so more than this space.


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Ahh, it all looks so fun!!! Where is next year's conference located??

Sarah said...

Hi VeggieGirl!!!

I don't see any info on next year's conference yet, but I've got my eyes open because I'd like to know asap.

However, there is a Reach Out Tour happening in October; it's a one day event with highlights from this conference. Check here for more details, but it's coming to Boston, D.C., Nashville, Greensboro, Atlanta, and New Orleans.

To register, I'm pretty sure I just went to the site and clicked on the BlogHer '08 link to sign-up/register. I was able to sign up for Friday only which was perfect since I couldn't attend the whole conference. Lemme know if I can help/explain more, send me an email-

Anonymous said...

So cool to hear your perspective!! Hope we can meet again next year :)

nonlineargirl said...

I was surprised by how many people said they wrote about their lives, and that means such different things to everyone. I enjoyed meeting you - sounds like you had a fun day.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for this as Id longed to go----but it wasnt in the proverbial cards this year!


Anonymous said...

It was so great to meet you as well! (I'll be posting my own recap in a day or two--still haven't gotten around to unpacking & uploading pictures.) I had such a great time at the conference, though, and I can't wait to go to the DC ReachOut tour!

Unknown said...

Special note to BlogHers on or near the Eastern United States: We heard your pleas for a BlogHer Conference East. Please bear with us as we grow the conference to two days first. BlogHer wants to go east in 2007.

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