Thursday, July 10, 2008

In the Heat

We have been baking here by the Bay this week!

That means virtually no cooking of food, and not much eating either since the intense heat takes away my appetite.
Lacking as I am in food these days, I've been spending a lot of time with the camera.
Here are a few recent shots.

Bamboo growing in a neighbor's yard

Beautiful arrangement by my MIL

A house peeping through thick greenery



Our first wedding anniversary is this weekend. We were married on July 14th, so the actual date is Monday but we'll be celebrating the occasion on Saturday.
We had beautiful weather all week leading up to the day, and the actual wedding was gorgeous. Our East Coast relatives really enjoyed our temperate California weather. I think if the wedding was this year I'd be panicking about now because of this heat!

Today last year, I had just finished my final wedding prep. My final chores were assembling the programs and tying each favor with personalized ribbon. My Uncle Steve, Aunt Sue, and cousins were staying with my parents for the weekend, so Thursday morning was a walk into town with them, lunch, and relaxing in the afternoon.

Ray and his parents stayed at a hotel in town with their extended family beginning that evening. They planned a dinner at Campo di Bocci, an Italian restaurant with 10 bocce ball courts. Since I had family in town too I could only stop by, but we did get suckered into taking this picture.



LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Wishing you an early happy anniversary :0)

Anonymous said...

Aw cute picture!! Congrats...Happy Anniversary Sarah!

Erica said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!