Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Impressions of Art

Sun by Dale Chihuly

SF Readers,

You must not miss two exhibits at the Legion of Honor and the de Young Museum this summer. If you appreciate art these are not to be missed.

Dale Chihuly, the artist responsible for the stunning structure above, has a special exhibit at the de Young Museum until September 28th. I was fortunate to see it in June; amazing! This sculpture is called "Sun."

The Legion of Honor is hosting 4 Women Impressionists, an exhibit of more than 160 works. The artists are Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, Eva Gonzales, and Marie Bracquemond. You have until September 21st before it closes.

I was there yesterday and it was a real treat. I enjoy Impressionist art but even if you aren't a big fan you will appreciate this show. The audio tour is extensive and I highly recommend it. I was familiar with Cassatt but new to the other three. Bracquemond's work was particularly interesting as was her story. She actually stopped painting at the height of her career, still at a young age. No one knows for sure why, but it is known that her husband did not approve of her artistic career. Can you imagine, such a great artist cut down because of a disapproving guy? Maddening.
This was my favorite painting by Bracquemond (courtesy of wikipedia- thank you wiki!)-
On the Terrace at Sevres, painted in 1880.

Admission to these exhibits is $15 for adults, $11 for students with ID (ah, those were the days). This is in addition to the museum admission of $5.

Courtyard and Sun at Legion of Honor

The weather in San Francisco is nice this week, not freezing but a nice respite from summer sun and heat.

SF Bay

Trip 1 of 4 to the City this week...


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Wow, that structure is BEYOND stunning!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your reflections on Bay Area life almost as much as I like reading about your food. I miss Northern California so much!

Aimee said...

Chihuly is amazing, he had a wonderful exhibit in Pittsburgh last year that had his work incorporated within all this plants at Pittsburgh's botanical gardens. I went to a night showing and his work all lite up is amazing!