Sunday, July 20, 2008


Of the bridal variety that is :-)

Sea of Mimosas

My dear friend C is getting married in September, and Saturday morning was spent celebrating that. I'll be one of her bridesmaids so I volunteered my help to the Maid-of-Honor, whose parents were hosting the event. We had a nice day, and the setting was beautiful.

Tables at the Shower

The event was mostly catered, but the MOH requested that I bring a fruit salad and a green salad to supplement the catering. I ran behind making them and getting ready in the morning and as a result- no pictures.

You aren't as sorry as I am because they were actually very pretty. I made them to match C's wedding colors (burgundy red and lime green). Thus, the fruit salad was all red- watermelon and strawberries- and the green salad was all green- romaine, spinach, cucumber, avocado, lime vinaigrette. I pat myself on the back, I'm so witty :-P So you must imagine them.

I also prepared the games for the party. We had a quiz on who knew C the best, and a list of famous couples to match up. My personal favorite was the Price is Right game below- I purchased these items from Target and everyone had to guess how much they cost!

Guess the Price of these Products!

I had never played this game at a shower before, but it's a great game.

These precious cupcakes were made by the MOH.

Mimosas and Cupcakes

She did such a beautiful job, and I love the cupcake towers.

Cupcake Tower

My selection, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I had a few bites, but the afternoon heat stole my appetite.

Red Velvet Cupcake

I'm so glad C has this memory to keep forever.



LizNoVeggieGirl said...

What a gorgeous bridal shower :0)

Ahh, that cupcake tower is so lovely!! Yeah, the heat is dreadful in terms of having an appetite (meaning, it's totally nonexistent for me when the weather is this hot - not good!).

By the way, I emailed you yesterday - thanks again for providing your email address! :0)

Mo said...

Ah, I wish one of my girlfriends was getting married. I love reliving my own recent bridal shower and events like this through our friends and family. Looks like it was a lovely shower and a lovely day.

Clair said...

Sad you couldn't stay to play with us, but those cupcakes looked fabulous!

Tasha said...

Are those cupcakes from Sprinkles?...They look EXACTLY like them

Meg said...

That looks like a fun bridal shower. I love the Price is Right game...they should find a way to turn Plinko into a shower game.

Sarah said...


The Maid of Honor made the cupcakes for the party herself- she was really proud of how well they turned out!

I know she would be tinkled to know you thought they were professionally made. They DO look good don't they?

Fitness Foodie said...

That is a really pretty arrangement for the shower. I did muffins and mini muffins for my sisters baby shower, it was a hit,as they look nice and so much easier on the host as you do not have to cut each piece of cake.
Love your blog.

Fitness Foodie said...
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