Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ode to NH

Sometimes- not often but once in a blue moon- an ordinary day turns into a memorable one.

The first half of my Saturday was normal and hardly worth mentioning: workout, breakfast, walk to Whole Foods, and lunch at home. After that I read and worked on the computer while NH did traffic school online (a few traffic tickets, so we both got a refresher on road rules :-)

We planned to go to the Foster City Art and Wine Festival this weekend. We've been to many wine festivals in the past few years but this one is the closest to home- Foster City is just on the other side of Highway 101 from our house.

The weather was crummy in the morning, cold and cloudy. Not ideal for a summer festival. Next, our friends who were going to come with us called to cancel- he had been up all night for work and needed to rest. :-(

We couldn't remember the last time we attended the festival just the two of us, so we decided it was a blessing in disguise. I was bored and stir crazy by the time we left!

As blah as our morning was, the second half of our day was the opposite. :-)

The Festival was awesome!!! The city must spend a lot of money on it, there was so much going on. Lots of vendors selling everything from jewelry and dresses to Chinese herbs and aromatherapy candles.

And a huge section with carnival rides and games. I stayed away from those, I refuse to go on a ride that travels- too many accidents happen on those!

We both got wine glasses and the selection was fantastic!
We started with a Meritage, from local Domenico Winery. We've had their Meritage before so we knew it would be good. Next we sampled from Robert Hall Winery, from Paso Robles. Their name is familiar to me; we must have seen it at another event. I had a Syrah and NH had a Cabernet. Both great but I liked his Cab a little more.


I LOVE my husband. Blog readers, I hope you are as lucky as I am and have a fantastic partner in your life. He is so sweet and unpredictable.

We decided to get henna tattoos. First off, I am the one with tattoos. I have two, one on the small of my back and one on my ankle. NH doesn't mind mine but he's not into tattoos and doesn't have any. It was fun getting these temporary ones together.

He chose mine for me. The Chinese character means "Dangerous." Hilarious!

But look at his!!! A heart with an arrow through it, inscribed with "The Wife." Such a cute sense of humor.

The top layer comes off in about an hour and it will be lighter underneath for a while until it darkens in a day or two.

We decided to skip the food at the festival and try an Indian restaurant not too far away, called Saffron Indian Bistro. It was slightly early to eat when we arrived, so we sat in the car for about 10 minutes, admiring our new body art and being goofy. Since he did the muscle picture, I had to take one too. :-P

THEN, when we were in the restaurant he let me order dinner for both of us!!!

I was so thrilled, since we can almost never eat the same things. I know both our tastes and I chose well; it was the best meal we've had out recently.

I snapped a picture of NH while we were waiting- can you see his tattoo? The top layer had come off and it's lighter now.

Not the all-time greatest picture, but worth adding.
We ate everything- Daal Fry, a vegan dish of yellow lentils and spices; Mattar Paneer, peas with homemade paneer cheese; and Paratha bread infused with mint. We also had some basmati rice on the side. So delicious!
We also had a little more wine- a riesling and a chardonnay. On the way home we stopped at my favorite frozen yogurt place for some chocolate mint and pistachio yogurt.

Needless to say after that much wine I was on this side of tipsy by the end of the night, and it was definitely a huge splurge with food and drink. But it was WORTH every moment of it. What a fun night!

Now Sunday will be detox day, eating small and healthy and being as active as possible. I did my usual workout this morning, followed by breakfast and a walk to our local park to feed the ducks. This afternoon I'll try to do another walk or one of my dance videos.
I'm sure it will be early to bed tonight.

Have a nice day!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

What a great, fun festival!! Enjoy your relaxing Sunday, as you recover from the excitement :0)

Erica said...

Hey girl! Sounds like such a fun day! You two are more than adorable!