Sunday, June 15, 2008

Figs on Parade


My favorite favorite favorite fruit (and that's saying something)

The tiny early summer fig season must be here, because there was a shocking display of these at the front of the store this morning. The main fig season is August-September-ish and I assumed I wouldn't get any until then. Often figs in the store look a little battered but these looked terrific, and for $6.99/lb (my carton was slightly less) it's worth a little splurge.

Last year I got my figs from my parents' tree and from work; Google always had an abundance of figs and I didn't waste one. Now I'm going to have to buy them myself ....Or just make more trips home to visit. :-)

The rest of the morning's fruit purchases:

I'm trying to limit Whole Foods shopping to fruit and other special produce.

I love shopping there; I've become friends with a few employees and I always learn something from the produce staff. But other things there can be a little pricey and more of a treat so I'm limiting myself to those sections only, and buying the rest of our things at Safeway and the occasional Trader Joes.


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Ahh, lucky!! No figs here yet - not even dried ones!! :0(

I'm known at my local Whole Foods by name, haha :0D

Anonymous said...

Yum, figs! I need to get a hold of some soon!