Friday, June 27, 2008

Uno, Due, Tre


Have you ever tried Oat Milk?

VeggieGirl suggested I try it a while back; she likes to use it in her morning oatmeal. I love the concept and made note to give it a try.

Recently I came across some in the store- Pacific Lowfat Vanilla Oat Milk. I've been waiting patiently to finish my current soy milk container before starting this new one.

I'm picky about my soy milk and only drink 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soymilk. It's the only one I really like. This presents a small problem because, out of my 3 regular grocery stores- Safeway, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods- NONE of them carry it!
I have to buy mine at Target, or a specialty store called Mollie Stone's that is out of my way. If the oat milk was a success, I'd be less reliant on this one.

I'm nearly at the bottom of the old container and couldn't wait any longer. This morning I used the oat milk in my breakfast.

I liked the flavor a lot and it's smooth and creamy; I give it an 'A' for taste. However, I'm disappointed in the nutrition facts, in comparison to the 8th Continent:

The oatmilk has the same amount of calories from fat, but double the calories overall. Yikes! 8th Continent contains more potassium too. The oatmilk has a small amount of fiber, but I'm getting that from the oatmeal :-)

I'm soo glad I tried it, but because of the higher calorie content (I'm particular about that) I'll be sticking with my regular soy milk.


Friday Kitty Blogging

Padma has been a lump this week! The temperature around here has been going up and down constantly, making me feel weird so I imagine it has a similar effect on her.





She's been all over me this week. In fact, as I wrote that last sentence, she plopped down on my legs, effectively pinning me down until I force her off. Argh! I hate having to 'boot' her, but I can't sit here all day!

Little does she know, she will be visiting the v-e-t this Wednesday for a check-up and two s-h-o-t-s. :-(
We'll have to give her extra attention this weekend.



Tonight is the San Mateo Wine Walk. It starts at 5:30pm, and I can't wait! I'll be purse-free, carrying my ID and chapstick in my camera bag. I can walk around unencumbered, sipping wine and taking pictures. I hope to have a good photo diary by the end of the evening.

Have a fun Friday!



LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Yeah, the oatmilk is definitely inferior with the nutrition, overall - but it's so creamy, and great for baking!! I only drink hempmilk and almond-milk now, but the oatmilk was definitely great :0)

Aww, cute kitty :0)

Anonymous said...

have tons of fun at the wine walk, it sounds like such a fun time :)

love the kitty pics - padma is adorable!

Anonymous said...

4 words...unsweetened vanilla almond milk. forty calories of creaminess in one cup. delish.

Anonymous said...

i had never heard of it before... yet i had heard of something similar... a friend puts oats in
h2o for 12 hours, then blends them, add sugar or honey and it almost resembles oatmilk except less processes!!