Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wine Walk

What can I say? I'm just not used to taking pictures of food in public. I want to share the delicious dishes I come across, but I can't remember to take a photo before we eat!!

I need to find a balance between
a) taking lots of pictures
b) remembering to take lots of pictures
c) not having it interfere too much with living in the moment and enjoying the event.

We had a good time at the Wine Walk last night. I had such high expectations and it was not the best wine festival event of the summer, but it was a good night.

Before NH came home from work to pick me up, I had a fun time messing around with the camera. Not a bad self-portrait session, now I have a new Facebook photo. :-P

We each received a map, a wine glass, and a plate with glass holder. Needless to say, I didn't have a hand to hold a camera so I couldn't take photos. 3rd Avenue was completely roped off to traffic, as well as part of Ellsworth. In addition, many of the businesses in the area were participating by hosting wine stations. Here's the one shot I got of NH, getting a taste of wine served in a video game store. I thought that was a hoot!

We got 10 tasting tickets each; I had 7 tastes before I was doneski. I recognized a few of the wineries- Hook & Ladder, Bad Dog Ranch, Ventana, and Hahn Estates. My favorite taste was a Syrah from Hahn- mild and nicely rich.

The extent of the food was cheese and crackers, so NH and I stopped into a favorite spot, B Street and Vine, for a little food.

We ordered 5 bruschetta to share and a little champagne to go with it. It was a mini bottle of Marquis de la Tour, quite delicious and light.

As I said, when the food came I forgot to take a picture! I guess I'm such a pig that I lunge at my food right when it arrives. I must practice more self-control. :-)
So you will have to imagine- 5 crusty pieces of bread, each sliced into fours and topped with delicious combinations: crushed tomatoes with basil; prosciutto with figs and masarpone; brie with apples and spiced pecans; smoked salmon with capers and mascarpone; and gorgonzola drizzled with honey. Yum!

All in all a quite enjoyable evening, especially since it ended with a little frozen yogurt and an episode of Prison Break, our new show via Netflix. Heehee, I am the definition of a homebody.


Mo said...

Mmmm, what a fun evening. I wish we had something like that here. It's to darn hot to walk around outside in the evenings, so probably doesn't make sense.

We have a wine bar here called Postino, that has those exact same bruscetta combos.

Anonymous said...

i am such a homebody too :) your wine walk sounds amazing... love the wine in the video game store haha