Thursday, June 19, 2008

Music in the Park

Beautiful weather and free entertainment :-)

Tonight we packed a picnic and headed for San Mateo's Central Park. Every Thursday in June and July, they have Music in the Park, a free concert with a different band every week. Some local vendors sell food and drinks; most people BYOB&F to enjoy on their blankets. This week's lineup was an 80's cover band, Fast Times. NH and I love 80's music!

I packed some dinner (most valuable item- reusable cloth grocery bags!) and we found a good spot on the grass. In the sun, but a good breeze was blowing so it was comfortable.

We had sandwiches- seared tofu, a little cheddar cheese, and some bbq sauce on the homemade Sandwich Rolls. I packed leftover oven fries that I made yesterday, with ketchup and bbq sauce for dipping. I ate one, NH had the rest.
Hefeweizen for Him, diet Barq's root beer for Her. I did take a sip, but beer's just not my taste.

Sandwich close-up. I marinated my tofu in a little bit of bbq sauce with a tiny bit of grated cheddar cheese. The fluffy texture was wonderful; this is the first time I had tofu on a sandwich and I liked it a lot.

For volume and to make it last longer, I took it apart to eat.

For dessert, we shared some mango and watermelon and ate almost all of it.

The music was great, the crowd really got into it after a few songs. They played a few favorites- Hey Mickey, Come on Eileen, and Jesse's Girl to name a few.

We stayed until intermission and headed home; it's still a weeknight. :-)

We'll be back in the common weeks, hopefully with some friends and definitely a bottle of wine. On July 3rd, a New Orleans jazz band is scheduled. I hope we can make that one!


Mo said...

How fun! We love going to outdoor concerts. Especially 80's music!! Unfortunately it is to darn hot here now to be outside. :(
I laughed at the Diet Barq's because that is my favorite soda!

Anonymous said...

wow looks like an awesome time... love your packed foods!