Tuesday, June 10, 2008

East Coast Trip- Picture Diary

Our Pennsylvania trip was fun, but it's great to be back in our own house! There was a heatwave this weekend, as I'm sure many of you know. It was so hot I felt cradled by the air around me.

We arrived in Bethlehem at about 7:30PM on Friday, having driven 90 minutes from Philly. A two-lane highway and no traffic; never in California!
We stopped at Wegman's grocery store for dinner and food to keep in our room's fridge. I had the same thing for breakfast every day: Kashi Go Lean hot cereal and a banana.

I'd never had this instant cereal before and it was really yummy! The directions say to microwave for best results; I tried it that way and I also just added hot water. I actually preferred just hot water.

I loved our rental car! A Dodge Caliber (I saw more Dodges this weekend than I ever have- is this an East Coast thing?) It had a nice interior, smooth drive, and I love the red color. Our GPS helped us get around during the weekend.

Saturday morning, NH and I wandered around downtown Bethlehem; we went into the biggest cigar shop I've ever seen. NH bought a cigar but didn't smoke it this trip.

Reminds me of my grandpa :-)

The wedding ceremony was beautiful. I only took one picture since I felt a little self-conscious, and it's not very good. I can't wait to see the professional shots.

Post ceremony we stopped in at Bethlehem BrewWorks to pass the time before the reception. Mine and two other families hung out at the bar tables. Left to right are my cousins Irene, Abby, and Alex. Behind us is my dad.

My cousin Marisa looked stunningly beautiful; her gown and hair were simple and elegant. Her new husband is an officer in the military, so they are taking a quick honeymoon in the Dominican Republic before he goes back to work.

I love this picture, taken by NH. A very lucky shot- it's hard to tell but I'm in the center in the purple dress.

NH and I were complimented by the photographer; he said we had great chemistry on the dance floor. Mom and I have huge blisters from dancing- that's how you know it was a great party!

On Sunday we went to see a minor league baseball game- the IronPigs in Allentown. It was fun and we tailgated beforehand, but sooo hot. This was the beginning of all of us melting.

NH and I at the game: if we look radiant it's because we're WET with sweat. Having a great time though!

At the park I had a philly cheesesteak without the steak! The guy behind the counter was a little perplexed, apparently he had never had such a request before. Just cheese, peppers and onions on a bun. I ate about 2/3 of it and had some french fries. What a treat!

Sunday night was a get-together at my Aunt Sue and Uncle Steve's; no pictures but it's locked away in my memory. The evening consisted of tasting of my uncle's homemade beer; a great dinner of tuna pasta salad, green salad, hamburgers, bratwurst, cherries, and a graduation celebration cake. This was followed by a trip to the park to showcase my uncle's homemade potato gun.

Our Monday trip to Dorney Park was dampened a bit by the intense heat, but we still made it from 10AM to 4PM. I got a little sick from the heat and roller coasters :-( but managed to enjoy the day being with the family. Some frozen lemonade helped us beat the heat.

NH and I had an early flight home so we stayed in Philadelphia last night. Walking in town we stumbled across this restaurant, Buddakan, on Chestnut Street.

The decor inside was chic and dimly romantic. I was able to get over my phobia of taking restaurant photos (a little). Glad I did!

NH had a delicious Pinot Noir, and I really enjoyed my Washington Riesling.

We shared some edamame ravioli as a starter. They were in a light broth and had wonderful flavor.

Next we had roast duck with spoon bread, and lobster fried rice. Both delicious!

It was great to have a nice meal just the two of us, a nice ending to the weekend. Still, we're happy to be home.
And I missed my oatmeal; I had some for dinner tonight, I was having a little withdrawal!

The time difference makes it LATE for me right now so that is the end of my story. It's great to be back in action!


Anonymous said...

I <3 dorney park, haven't been there in a couple years! I have been dying to get to an Iron Pigs game, I heard the stadium is nice!

Glad you had a great trip!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

What a fabulous time you had in Pennsylvania (despite the horrid heatwave); and how funny that the cigars remind you of your grandfather - they remind me of him too, since he still smokes cigars, haha :0)

Erica said...

Looks like a blast! Her dress and hair are beautiful! Glad you had a fun trip :)