Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not So Hot Coconut Curry Noodles

This dinner was a flop, and I debated sharing it here before deciding that
a) you might really like it, and
b) flops can be as valuable as successes.
It's a good recipe, it just didn't do it so much for us.
Sometimes things just don't work out the way you hoped. I liked these noodles more than Ray, but not enough to repeat the recipe. If it sounds good to you, MAKE IT.

I've had this recipe bookmarked for several weeks thinking it had great potential for an awesome Friday dinner. We love Asian noodle bowls, especially with these rice stick noodles.

And coconut milk. Love coconut milk! And tofu, and fresh cilantro.

I really thought it would be a winner; we'd gobble it up and there would be nothing leftover.

I was wrong.

And surprised, but I think I know why it failed for us. Ray and I like curry but in smaller more subtle amounts. The curry flavor here was too strong and it overwhelmed the coconut and cilantro. Paradoxically, the dish was bland. Really bland, which I would never have predicted.

The concept is still very appealing so maybe I could modify it to suit our tastes more. Using less curry or none at all is very easy to do. But what to do about avoiding the bland factor, which could be worse with less curry?

Live and learn. Not every dish is a keeper, but it could be the starting point for something great.

How would you remove the bland factor from this dish?



Anonymous said...

The recipe was pretty basic, so there's not a lot of room to move to decrease the blandness. The only suggestion I would have is to try fresh chillis maybe?

Or, perhaps you could branch out a bit and start adding things like kaffir lime leaves, onions, garlic, etc, to make your own paste? If you have a good food processor this is much easier than it seems!

Bridget said...

Hey! Just wanted to say I totally agree with you about keeping Teas around! My mom and I LOVE going for high tea at some of the nice hotels in Boston, its such a classic, relaxing, and delicious event :)