Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheating on my Oatmeal

I dreamed about this breakfast last night and I wasn't disappointed.
Kodiak Cakes Flapjack & Waffle mix was on sale yesterday at Safeway; I snatched a box and couldn't wait to try them this morning. I've seen these fluffy whole grain pancakes on a few blogs; the discovery of cool new products is one of the coolest parts of following these friends from afar.
Pancakes are my favorite breakfast food, but I save them for special occasions due to the higher number of calories and less staying power. . . and I tend to overdue it a lot on the maple syrup. Ahem.

Kodiak Cakes boast excellent nutrition facts. One 1/3 cup serving (my portion today) of 130 calories has 7 grams of protein and a good amount of calcium and iron.

And a short list of familiar ingredients, the top two being 100% whole grain wheat and oat flours.

Today I broke my own rule and made myself a pancake breakfast. I mixed 1/3 cup of the mix with 1/3 cup water to make one giant pancake. The giant pancake was so much more fun than several small ones, and it was easy to flip. On the side I fried one egg white and topped the pancake with it along with some plain nonfat yogurt mixed with homemade strawberry freezer jam. Delish!

Time will tell if it keeps me full as long as oatmeal, but for flavor I give this mix two-thumbs up!


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Erica said...

ow! I am totally keeping an eye out for this mix! Love the looks of your giant pancake :) I've been seeing so many bloggers do the egg with sweets combo....I must try it. Hope you are feeling well and having a wonderful week. Congrats on your team winning BTW!