Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'll finish my story tomorrow- we'll see where I'm at then, my fingers have never been so crossed- but I wanted to mention how I'm feeling.

On Sunday (Day 26, the length of my previous cycle) I was tired and moody, and had some light cramping. No period though, which usually accompanies or follows those cramps in my experience. I read online that some cramps 8-10 days after ovulation is normal, that it could be the egg nestling itself into the uterine lining. I've felt them a little on and off since, but very minor.

Also, I'm hungry. Like all the time. I seem to need more snacks the past couple days. Last night and the night before I had trouble getting to sleep. I couldn't quiet my mind, and two nights ago had nightmares when I did fall asleep. And my breasts are sore. Not incredibly sore like I imagined that would be, but it hurt to sleep on my stomach and my nipples are seriously sensitive. Not much, and at this point it could all be in my head.

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