Friday, May 1, 2009


I'm not a desert girl, but I could be a convert. We spent two days at The Boulders Resort in Carefree, Arizona and loved every moment.

There's nothing like this landscape anywhere in the world. I wish my photography skills and old camera could do it justice, and my writing isn't up to the challenge either.
The best I can do is try to show you:
view across the plains from Sunset Point, above the main lodge

one view of the many boulder formations in the area

the resort sprawls over a large area, and the rooms are housed in twos and threes in these buildings called casitas.

The resort has two main pools: the spa pool and the main pool. We loved the spa pool for its tranquility and convenient location by the fitness center. We took advantage of a few complimentary fitness classes here too, including yoga and water fitness. And plenty of laying beside this pool.

This was my view most of our last day- it can't get any better.

the boulders look down upon the organic garden behind the spa

the walk from our casita has beautiful views at every point

Bunnies!! There are baby jackrabbits all over the property. So cute! (but they don't like being photographed)

The Boulders has a beautiful golf course. Ray decided not to play, but we did witness a club event during dinner at Rusty's at the Club.


Our room was huge, certainly one of the most spacious I've ever seen.

My own vanity! His and hers sinks!!

At home, the bathroom situation is a game of dodgeball. Here, we could actually talk to each other while dressing in the evening.

Sorry, we are a bit messy on vacation :-)

Ray doesn't love taking pictures but he likes to catch goofy and awkward moments.

Not a bad angle NH, well done!

I hope we return someday :-)



Erica said...

I love AZ. If it wasn't so far from my family, we would've considered moving there! Great pics

Sharon said...

Oh wow, such beautiful pictures! It looks like a wonderful place!!

Mo said...

I'm glad you had a great visit. The Boulders is so peaceful. I love doing a spa day there. A few years back when Andrew Firestone was on The Bachelor, he had his overnight date with Jen at the Boulders. (It's famous -LOL)

All the little bunnies around here drive my dog nuts.

kimszym said...

We stayed there a few years ago and I really enjoyed it.