Friday, January 29, 2010

Today's my birthday.

Today's plans: some house-cleaning, homemade lunch with Mom, a simple dinner with Ray at night, and an episode of our current Netflix obsession, Friday Night Lights. Low key, that's my style. Dinner and birthday cake with friends will be tomorrow night, and hopefully I'll have a new recipe to share with you.

A few mildly embarassing pictures are in order. It's only fair, there aren't too many of those here (I hope). You deserve a few to keep it real; I'm inviting you into my world which is a wonderful place, but far from perfect.

(I'm sorry but isn't my mom beautiful? I mean beautiful. I may be biased, but I'm also right.)
It's safe to say she has made a birthday cake for each of my twenty-seven years. I'm guessing I didn't eat any of this first one. :P

But I think I had some of the second~

~ And definitely some of these cupcakes for my fourth.
Rockin a birthday headband! Probably #5?

How cute and girly is this cake? Fairly decent Minnie Mouse impersonation.

Getting a little help from my bros here. We lit the candles repeatedly for every birthday so each sibling could have a chance to blow them out. You'll be happy to hear we don't fight over that anymore.

Sucking in for the big huff and puff. . .

Ah the awkward teen years. . . get a load of that do!

Have mercy on me, North Carolina's weather never agreed with my hair.

Looks like a chocolate log for a cake in high school- and a questionable shirt. Yick.

This one's from last year. Mom is always on cake duty in these pictures!

I don't think I'll ever grow out of the birthday cake. I had the family one last weekend, she made the Russian Grandmother's Apple Pie Cake which is my current favorite and I'm so sorry I don't have pictures to show you because I completely forgot to take any. It's beautiful though, I'll show it to you sometime. If you've had this cake you know what I'm talking about. For a girl who's obsessed with apple pie and cake, it's an absolute dream.

How do you like to spend your birthday as an adult?

Have a great January 29th- with a piece of cake for me!



Erica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! wahooo! Love this post. Your mom is totally beautiful and you know look JUST like her! You are one gorgeous lady. I love low key birthdays as well. Time with the people you love and good food is always best. Have a great day. <3 ya!

LadyVerona said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! hope you are having a fabulous day :) love the photos!