Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Little Foodbuzzed

I'm still daydreaming about last night with Foodbuzz at the First Annual Foodblogger Festival.

The Hotel Vitale is a home base for many attending and some of the events. Great location especially for me coming from the Peninsula- 2 blocks from BART and right across from the Ferry Building.

Cocktail party ready!

Cocktail hour on the 8th flour terrace, filled with interesting people whose blogs I either read now or will be in the future. A little juice and champagne, and I was ready for a little dinner.

Queue the Street Food Fare

I love the concept of gourmet food in a hurry, and fabulous street food is creeping up all over San Francisco this year. You don't have to eat crummy food just because you don't have the time or inclination to sit in a restaurant. Places like Spencer on the Go, the Creme Brulee Cart, and the Civic Center Waffle Mania Truck are on my SF wish list beside Gitane and The Moss Room. Street food trucks are spread out and mobile, so it's a challenge. For me, this was a golden opportunity to try a bit of everything.

The Pie Truck- and their blog!

Spencer on the Go

Pizza Politana

Mission Minis



Erica said...

ah! Looks like SO much fun. I'm very jealous. Was there someone you met that you've wanted to meet for a while? What was your favorite part of the street food?

Sarah said...

Hi Erica! I wish YOU were at the festival :)

My favorite was definetly the pizza- full post devoted to it coming shortly . . .