Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wine and A Wedding

This is what happens when you have a wedding at a winery

Little Glass of Wine

It means the bridal party is fortunate enough to imbibe prior to the ceremony. While we awaited the ceremony in the bridal suite at Byington Winery, the wedding coordinator offered to pour the bride and her girls some wine. Here I am, caught by the maid of honor, sipping a little 2004 Alliage, my favorite Byington wine. It's a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon with a touch of Merlot. Our friends bought the remainder of their stock of that year, but the 2005 is available and is equally good.

The wedding was beautiful! Perfect weather and lots of loving family and friends to share in the festivities. I have NEVER seen such a gorgeous bride as my friend C, and I can't wait to see her when she gets home from her fabulous South Pacific honeymoon.


When I share memories and pictures of friends in this public forum, I like to request permission first. I neglected to do this with C and K yesterday so I won't share much, but myself and food are always fair game. Here are just a few 'bites.'

Salmon pate appetizers at the rehearsal dinner

Appetizers at Rehearsal Dinner

Fondue dessert at rehearsal, my first experience with such a thing. The chocolate seemed burnt to me :-( but the oranges were sweet.

Fondue at the Wine Cellar

A nice Viognier, accompanied by a waiter who poured 2 glasses-worth at a time!


Receptions at Byington Winery are held in the Barrel Room. It's a unique setting but also very cold because the room must be kept at a certain temperature for the wine. It works out nicely when the room is full of bodies because it feels just right.

Barrel Room

A beautiful fruit platter at the buffet dinner

Fruit Platter

My favorite dish at dinner was this Israeli Couscous, with curry and chutney. I need to work on duplicating this soon.

Israeli Couscous

My dinner plate is a bit blurry because I couldn't get my flash to turn on. A large serving of roasted vegetables dominated the plate, along with a piece of salmon, some couscous and linguini.

My dinner plate

A beautiful Princess wedding cake. My piece, umm, disappeared before a picture could be taken. Princess cake is a traditional Swedish birthday cake and consists of vanilla custard and raspberry jam with vanilla cake and marzipan fondant. This was our wedding cake too, it's delicious.

Wedding Cake

That concludes the photos I feel comfortable sharing. I do want to end with one more: a great picture of NH and I, which I think we'll use for our Christmas cards this year. No one is so handsome in a suit <3

Ray and Sarah - Copy



LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Gorgeous photographs!! So sorry that you were burned by the fondue :0( It still looks delicious!! And OH MY GOODNESS I need that fruit platter, haha ;0)

Check your email! :0)

Erica said...

Looks like fun! I love the color of the bridesmaid dresses! The food looks incredible! I am with VG on the fruit platter. I need one of those every morning ;)

Anonymous said...

Everything is beautiful!!

I've been taking pictures all year and thinking "Christmas Card!" Sounds like you do the same!