Sunday, September 7, 2008

Football aka Food Sunday

NH loves football (especially the Denver Broncos) and this autumn we have Sunday Ticket at our house. That means hosting a group nearly every week, today being the first.
We will be preparing food for our guests but I want to steer clear of "sports game" food.

Some chips and pistachios are a bit traditional, but ordinary stops here.

Three varieties of grapes and Kadota figs
TJ's Harvest Wheat, Grilled Flatbread, and water crackers

(not pictured:) Pepper Jack and Brie Cheese, Roasted Italian Turkey, sliced Tomato, greens for a Panini Bar

Not bad football fare :-)

I am not sure what we'll have in the weeks to come, but a few ideas on the drawing board include dim sum, meze, and antipasto. I am excited for next week, more mouths to feed!


We're not the biggest snackers in the house this weekend.
Padma seems to have NH's penchant for snacking, and he's been nice enough to share with her.

Newly discovered favorites: TJ's Cheese Crunchies,

and Cheese Popcorn

Our little gourmet



LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Great-looking game food!!

Padma is so adorable :0)

Erica said...

mmm I would love to come to your house for football! TJs has awesome kettle corn that might be nice to put out in a bowl. A little traditional, but much better for you!