Sunday, August 10, 2008

Siempre at Pacifica

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Holistic Spa, Wednesday morning

Our last day in Cabo San Lucas was bittersweet. We were ready to return home to normal life, but we had had such a wonderful trip.

We discovered a hidden gem in the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica next door, and wished there was time to return a second morning. I am a lucky girl though, and before we left in the morning we made dinner reservations for our last night.

Ray in a rocking chair- 1st Night

Waiting briefly for the shuttle, you can tell how relaxed we've become. And brown!

Sarah in a lobby rocking chair


Siempre is Pacifica's lone restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It offers a diverse menu, including a spa section with a focus on lower fat and organic foods. The building is circular, with a red column rising from its center to a skylight above.

Center of Siempre Restaurant

We sat just inside the patio with a view to the pool and ocean.

The View from our dinner table at Siempre

Anticipating a lovely evening...

Sarah at Siempre 3

An amuse bouche from the chef: a crab empanada with avocado coulis. NH is allergic to shellfish so I was forced to eat his too.

Amuse Bouche- Crab Empanada

A selection of breads was offered to us. NH's picks included brioche, sourdough, and multi-grain with nuts and raisins. My sole selection packed a punch: a mini tomato basil brioche. The best part were the accompaniments: basil oil and chili oil.

Tomato Basil Brioche with Basil Oil and Chili Oil

We ordered a first course, the Tuna Napoleon with Caramelized Apple and Black Sesame Sauce. NH ate most of it.

Tuna Napoleon First Course

My favorite dinner in Cabo: Grilled Salmon with Fennel Confit, Green Apples, and Wild Damiana Sauce (from the spa menu). Damiana is a local blossom and the sauce had a subtle sweetness. That is purple basil on top, and a little bit of salmon skin that has baked into a cracker. I adore grilled salmon but enjoy it rarely. Since I tend to be protein deficient, my body felt great after this meal.

Sarah's entree- Grilled Salmon with Green Apples, Fennel, and Wild Damiana Sauce

I didn't leave much behind.

Remains of Sarah's Salmon

For NH: Black Risotto with Baby Squid and Coconut Emulsion. What fun presentation- it looks like the squid is trying to crawl out of the rice!

Ray's entree- Black Risotto with Squid and Coconut Emulsion

The coconut gave it a sweetness, and he said it was tasty.

We enjoyed wine with dinner (Barbera for him, Malbec for me), and after I asked for a glass of sparkling wine to finish. I received it in this fun glass:

Glass of Sparkling wine at Siempre

Before shuttling home, we enjoyed this for dessert:

Pacifica by Night

View to Pacifica Hotel from the Grounds

The Pacifica pool by Night

Pool by Moonlight 2

Cabanas and Dining on the Beach

Waiting to leave Pacifica



LizNoVeggieGirl said...

It's always bittersweet to return home after a dreamy vacation :0)

Such gorgeous food and atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so jealous of your looks amazing! Especially that salmon! yummy! And you look GORGEOUS! That purple dress is so pretty!

Mo said...

Wow, what an amazing meal, and spectacular vacation. Such a bummer to get back to reality after such a dreamy trip huh? Great photos like the ones you took make a mini day dream get-away possible. :)

Anonymous said...

wow!!!!!!!! i am so envious of your vacation - i can only hope that my upcoming vacation is as beautiful as yours :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely looking sequence of dishes. They all look great, and in exactly the right order too!

Erica said...

Thank you for documenting your trip! It looks like so much fun and the hotel looks gorgeous! You looks so tan and healthy! jealous jealous :)