Monday, August 25, 2008

Barracuda Sushi

The Peninsula is positively crawling with sashimi, maki, and nigiri.

There are probably 30 within 10 miles of our little house in San Mateo. And that's not including other Japanese establishments that specialize in other cuisine besides sushi, such as ramen shops, izakaya bars, or shabu-shabu restaurants.

We go out for sushi more than any other cuisine; it's our most craved dinner by far. It's great having so many choices; the competition also helps to keep prices a little lower. We continue to try new ones occasionally but we have two faves. One is for more casual occasions, when we run out for a few rolls in flip-flops and jeans.
For more special occasions or a fun Saturday night out, we hit Barracuda Japanese Restaurant.


Located in downtown Burlingame, Barracuda has a festive vibe and a fun atmosphere; a family of 5 is quite at home next to three young couples ready for a night out.
The restaurant is a good size, with a long sushi bar and space at the front for a jazz band that plays on weekend nights.

The dinner menu consists of appetizers, salads, and entrees that create a fusion with Japanese, Peruvian, and Brazilian cuisine. We return again and again for the extensive selection of creative sushi rolls.

A small sample....

The Spicy rolls here are delicious, just enough spice for the palate without overpowering.

NH and I love to share rolls together, which is often a challenge because he is allergic to shellfish :-( That means no lobster, shrimp, or crab. The latter two can be particularly difficult to avoid. But here, we have no problem finding delectable options.

At Barracuda, the rolls are generously portioned without being grotesque. We order 3 rolls between us and leave feeling full and satisfied but not stuffed.
Each roll is beautifully presented, almost too pretty to eat.

After 10-ish visits and much sampling, we think we have found the Perfect Trifecta:

The Red Dragon Roll, which we've ordered since Visit #1:
unagi tempura, cucumber roll topped with spicy tuna and tobiko, with unagi sauce, spicy miso, and green onion

The Mahalo Roll, tuna and mango are a match made in sushi heaven:
red tuna, avocado mango roll topped with unagi, mango sauce and tobiko

The Spicy Queens Roll, our newest discovery and my #1 favorite :-)
seaweed salad, unagi, cucumber roll topped with fresh salmon, spicy miso sauce, tobiko, and green onion

With our rolls, green tea is a must. Here it's well brewed and hot.

Can you dream of a more delectable meal? I cannot. This is my paradise.


Barracuda Japanese Restaurant
347 Primrose Road, Burlingame
(650) 548-0300
reviews (including mine) on Yelp!

Additional location:
2251 Market Street, San Francisco (Castro district)
(415) 558-8567


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