Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oats with Tomato and Cheddar

I will make this many more times and take some better photos,
but I wouldn't wait to share this one.

I haven't been feeling well, so something comforting and simple at work was all I wanted. Some savory oats have been in the back of my mind so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give them a whirl.
I cooked some rolled oats on the stove, plain with a pinch of salt. Next, I sliced some fresh tomatoes and grated some extra sharp cheddar cheese, transporting them separately in my lunch bag. I assembled the bowl after reheating the oatmeal at work with some water, and snapped this picture with my iPhone before stirring together and digging in.
Delicious! I love the simple flavors of the cheddar and tomatoes; I ate tortillas stuffed with chopped tomatoes and cheddar for lunch in college and this is very similar. I was really satisfied after this lunch, can't wait to make it again!
Future topping ideas:
Cumin, chickpeas, tomatoes, and cilantro
Fresh figs and goat cheese
Grilled eggplant and bell pepper, garam masala
Fried egg, basil, parmesan
..any suggestions?..


Anonymous said...

Are you pregnant? Alot of your posts talk about how you don't feel well and that combination looks disqusting.

Sarah said...

Hey, don't hate until you've tried it! :-)