Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breakfast with the Butler and the Chef

Who doesn't want breakfast served by The Butler and the Chef?

This special cafe is tucked in a corner of South Park, steps from the ballpark and Highway 101- easily accessed by Peninsula residents such as ourselves. It's also a brisk walk from my brother's apartment, ideal for an early brunch on a Sunday.

It's tiny and the menu is scrumptious. They open at 10:00 am to a crowd on the doorstep, waiting for mugs of delicious coffee, crepes, and waffles. Very Parisian, with French-speaking waiters and tiny bistro tables. On cold San Francisco mornings (when are San Francisco mornings not cold?) the restaurant is warm, cozy, and filled with the delicious smells of espresso and pastry.

Ray is a fan of the smoked salmon eggs benedict.

My brother enjoyed the eggs benedict with Niman Ranch Ham.

For me? A Belgium waffle with wild blueberry preserves.
Their waffles are crisp on the outside and moist on the inside, made with a wheat flour batter with a hint of malt flavor.

This may be breakfast/brunch, but the check comes with a little plate of homemade chocolate truffles! One for each of us.

Yes, you can get me to drive into the city on a weekend morning any time if you promise me this for breakfast.

And this view too~ downtown from the roof of my brother's apartment.

The Butler and the Chef
155a South Park Street, San Francisco
(415) 896-2075



Jenna said...

Your waffle looks sooo dang good!

Jenna said...

Your waffle looks sooo dang good!