Sunday, January 4, 2009

Comfort in an Old Friend

How I have missed you!

I'm picky about this particular combo of bread and cheese; the only restaurant that makes the grade in my opinion is Gialina Pizzeria in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco. I want something more than the fatty, carb satisfaction of delivery pizza.

I was looking forward to some pizza from the moment I opened my new bread machine on Christmas morning. I needed a non-work day to start, since it takes about 2 1/2 hours from machine to table. I used my favorite whole wheat semolina pizza dough, and since it was just NH and I, half a recipe was perfect.

I have a soft spot for the doughy pocket of a calzone, so I used one-third of the dough to make one for mine, and the other two-thirds made a traditional pizza for NH. Another perk of homemade!

I stretched out the dough the 'authentic' way for the first time: using my hands instead of a rolling pin.

I baked the calzone and pizza at 450 degrees for 12 minutes. NH's pizza made 6 pieces, 2 of which are left for tomorrow's lunch. I cut my calzone in half to eat, with a fork nearby to grab the insides that fell out.

He's plump and cute isn't he? He tasted even better, I left not a scrap behind!


Ingredients: TJ's Quattro Formaggi cheese blend (our favorite pizza cheese), crumbled feta cheese, tomato sauce, red pepper flakes for heat, and fresh basil. I haven't had fresh basil for since summer. I had to hold it under my nose and breath deeply for a few moments before slicing the leaves in a julienne.



VeggieGirl said...

Pizza, pizza!!

Erica said...

yum! I think homemade dough is so much better than store bought (although it is very time consuming!). Glad you had a wonderful meal