Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Prep list for a quick vacation:

Do laundry to make sure needed clothes are clean; check.

Dig bathing suits out of summer storage; check.

Find those plastic bags for airport liquids; check.

Arrange for Padma to be fed while we're gone; check.

Get affairs in order at work for my absence; check.

Leave a note on Suite Apple Pie that I'll be gone..... oops.


I've been in Arizona since Friday, for a family wedding and a bit of R&R. While I failed to note my scheduled hiatus here, I will have a few posts in the next couple of days with some highlights.

We had a blast with the family: my parents and brothers, grandparents, godparents and cousins, and lots of extended family from Cyprus. The bride and groom were present at our own wedding; they weren't engaged yet but we could see the spark between them and knew this day would come.

They were married at The Wright House in nearby Mesa, Arizona. It's a beautiful venue, perfect for a spring wedding.

Waiting for the ceremony to begin; hello!

The buffet dinner was tasty and eclectic. Cocktail hour showcased the two cultures being combined; the groom is my second cousin, a Greek Cypriot and his bride is from China, making for an awesome culture smorgasbord. Surprisingly, spanakopita and gyoza dumplings are excellent together!


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Erica said...

Cute pic of you! Hope you enjoy every minute of this trip :)