Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Garden

When we bought our house 2 1/2 years ago, the backyard was a complete wasteland.

The green wasn't grass, more like weeds and it was brown most of the year. The pathway around the edges wasn't practical or useful, and none of the plants had been tended to for years (our house was rented a long time before the original olders sold it to us) so they were overgrown or dead.
We live in a great starter neighborhood that's well located between the 101 and 280, and filled with small houses with lots of character. Built in the late 1940s for former WWII GIs as part of the huge suburban housing boom to provide homes for all the new young families. The original floor plans were three bedroom/one bath; many have been renovated and added onto in recent years. Ours has been renovated, but no additions; we have the original floor plan with one bath.

Originally we had plans to add a second bathroom and good-sized master closet. But the market being what its been, that plan is out; we're lucky to own our own home in this area at our age anyway. It's a little tight but it's just the two of us and we make it work. But the backyard was ugly and under-used because of it, so we've created a pleasant outdoor living space for eating, lounging and growing.

It took a little more than a month to plan and construct. We expanded the patio and used a green and purple color palette for plants and flowers.

To me the best parts are the vegetables, in the ground as well as two vegetable beds in the back.
I have never tried my hand at gardening before, but I'm going to give it a strong effort. Some fresh produce in the remaining years in this house would be great, not to mention the opportunity to share the process with my daughter as she grows.

Around the yard we planted blueberries and a persimmon tree,
as well as Japanese eggplant,
and Globe artichokes. These need more space and will be visually attractive when they mature.

In the beds I have cucumber

zuchinni,(I love their flowers),
Butter lettuce,

Early Girl tomatoes,

sweet basil,


Italian parsley,

and everbearing strawberries. I hope we get a few of these soon!

They are all looking great, except for the butter lettuce. I did a bit more reading after planting and discovered that, #1 I probably planted them too close together and, #2 planting was too late for the summer. I may cut my losses soon and replant in August/September for a fall crop.

For now, I check on them everyday and water deeply every other day. Two tiny green tomatoes have appeared, as well as some new zuchinni flowers and a tiny green nub of vegetable. The herbs are flourishing; ok so far!



Me, Only Better said...

Your garden looks lovely! We have one bathroom in our home and 5 people! It is such a drag, but what are you going to do? We make it work! At least we have running water and aren't using and outhouse!

Erica said...

ah! Its looking fabulous! So worth all the time, effort, frustration and $$ Great garden

Beth said...

Excellent article. It was helpful and informative. hope to see more greats posts like this.