Monday, May 31, 2010

Suite Apple Pie's younger sister

~I hope you have a sunny and relaxing Memorial Day~
I'll have a food post for you later this week. I'm partaking in some of that relaxation today myself. Our grill is out of commission at the moment due to backyard renovations so we won't be barbecuing anything today. I can't decide whether to make something to suit the day indoors, or to just throw a no-cook meal together this warm evening.
For right now, I'd like to introduce you to the second blog I've been writing the past few months, the little sister to this one if you will. She's a bit gangly and awkward now, but so was this one in the beginning (and like me, continues to have her moments). A mutt-combination of different topics: part pregnancy blog, part personal experience, even part food. My hope is to evolve into something that spans Mommy and food blog someday. For now she is what she is and you may or may not have interest in the subject matter.
Waiting for Grace is there for my own memories and for other young women like me. Read, don't read, but you are welcome.
~See you later~

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Erica said...

what a fun new blog. You know I'll be a loyal reader ;)