Monday, January 28, 2008

Ode to Oatmeal

Hello, my name is Sarah and I'm addicted to oatmeal.

You may laugh- but it's true. We have a love affair, oatmeal and I; I eat it more than anything else. It's warm and satisfying, healthy comfort food. Even in the summertime, when I just make it warm instead of piping hot. Like the very intelligent Scottish, I enjoy it for lunch and dinner as well as breakfast. Unlike the very intelligent Scottish, my oatmeal is always sweet. As a child I would top it with brown sugar, or sometimes special rainbow sugar crystals- until I discovered I could use Splenda or Equal and not know the difference; my sweet tooth is satisfied and my sugar intake stays low.
My preference is for McCann's quick-cooking oats, but I also enjoy Quaker quick-cooking or old-fashioned from time to time. I adore steel-cut oats but usually save that for a special occasion when I have more time to prepare it.
My oatmeal preparation varies depending on what I feel like or what I have; here is my present recipe for oatmeal- for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Sarah's Oatmeal recipe

1/2 cup McCann's quick-cooking Steel Cut oats
1 cup warm water
A pinch of dried currants
A few splashes 8th Continent light vanilla soy milk
A splash of maple extract (optional)
A dash of cinnamon (optional)
A dash of salt (optional)
3-5 Splenda packets

Place oats, water, and currants in a microwave safe bowl with high sides, and cover with plastic wrap. Microwave on high for 1 minute 40 seconds (time may vary with microwave strength, monitor the oatmeal your first time so it doesn't boil over). Remove from the microwave and add a splash of soy milk. Stir to combine, add more if desired. Add a splash of maple extract (this creates the maple syrup/brown sugar flavor without the calories), and a dash of cinnamon and salt if you wish. Add Splenda and stir. If more liquid is needed add a little more soy milk. Recover, microwave for 30-60 more seconds. Stir and enjoy!

Dried currants are excellent in oatmeal. Occasionally I substitute sliced apple or, for something really special, fresh blueberries. A little banana is nice too. I also like to add a little crunchy homemade granola (see my previous post) on top if I'm having it for lunch or dinner. It's really all about your own taste. This is my favorite combination, I hope you find yours!


Peter said...

Hi Sarah,
Nice blog. I'm a music artist in the Bay area. I thought you might like to know that track 3 of my new album is called, "Sometimes I Have Oatmeal for Breakfast." You can listen to a clip at My material is mostly for kids, but I do my best to keep it universal so everyone can enjoy. I'd love to hear what you think!


Mer said...

Have you ever tried steel-cut oatmeal? That has become a favorite of mine.

Sarah said...

Steel-Cut oatmeal is wonderful! Mmmm the bumpy texture and rich nutty flavor, it's been a favorite of mine for years. Alas, there is usually not enough time to make it on a weekday morning (30 minute cook time) but I do try to fit it in on a weekend when possible. However I love my daily recipe that I posted- it uses quick-cooking steel-cut oats: almost as good as the traditional steel-cut. Give it a try! :-)