Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yum Cha

I just got back from vacation in Kauai, which you can read more about here. We never left the resort but it didn't matter because the pool and beach were excellent and we had amazing food at every meal. I was too busy photographing my family to document much of the food. But I did snap two of our favorite dinners, both at Yum Cha, the hotel's Asian fusion spot. Sharing was the name of the game- my favorite!

The first night we had peppered beef, pad thai (under the egg blanket), and a pork hot pot.

Followed by the green tea brulee with almond cookies.

The food was excellent and since we liked it so much, we returned on our last night. This time I missed the soup appetizers and tempura ice cream dessert, and only got the remnants of dinner: stir fried udon, fried wild rice, and the peppered beef again because it was that good.

We ate lunch by the pool everyday.

My shrimp and somen noodles on the last day were delicious, light, and pretty.

Other vacation eats included lobster, king crab, kalua pork, seared ahi sashimi, chocolate mousse cake, waffle fries, coconut lattes, musubi, strawberry smoothies, lava flows, and bedtime raspberry chocolates.

I'm waddling a little. ~::::~

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Erica said...

LOVE your new header- very cute. Glad you guys had fun!! The shrimp and somen noodles looks yummy. Hawaii has fabulous food :)