Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Apple Butter

I have a bit of a relationship with pancakes. Everybody has one brunch dish they gravitate to over and over. I don't eat pancakes on regular days; if I want to make a special breakfast, or am dining out, I always choose pancakes.

This love was born with the pancakes from Mom's kitchen when I was a kid. They were made plain with no sugar added because the toppings are so sweet. Real maple syrup was a favorite for all of us, and when we had it I liked to spread a thin layer of ricotta cheese before drizzling the syrup.

Recently I've been reminded of another favorite topping: store bought apple butter.

I emphasize the store bought because, while I've had some amazing homemade apple butter, this store bought version is important for this combination. It has a flavor that is unmistakeable. I spied this jar at Target by random chance and to my delight it's precisely what I remember.

It's dark, luscious, and very sweet. The sugar content is a little obscene for something that's should just be fruit, but this is what it should be.

After sticking my spoon directly in the jar a few times, I had to make some pancakes for a little trip down memory lane.

I made myself one colossal pancake and slathered it with the apple butter. The steaming pancake warms and melts the butter a little.

Try this.



Erica said...

yum. I have a jar of bourbon apple butter in my fridge that I used to make cookies. So good. I've been putting it on toast too, but never thought about pancakes- what a great idea

Unknown said...

oooh, i just made some apple butter in the crockpot last week! i don't make pancakes enough... need to get on that :) i hate to say i will always hold a soft spot for bisquick pancakes. what can i say, i grew up with them!

mkp said...

wow, bourbon apple butter, now that sounds good!

CaSaundraLeigh said...

I miss having pancakes that my mom used to make me as a kid..they were the only ones I like!