Tuesday, July 20, 2010

11-Minute Pancake and Eggs

I love making breakfast from scratch every morning, and it can be possible with a little organization and a bit of practice.
One of my favorites is a single large pancake with egg whites. Pancakes are very easy to make but when you are pressed for time, a good quality mix makes it really possible.
They make a weekday breakfast feel pretty special.
Not sure it can be done? Well, here we go.
8:12 AM- Starting breakfast

Place a small nonstick skillet and a flat pan on the stove and turn on the burners to preheat. I turn them to medium and can lower them later if they are too hot.

Usually I keep liquid egg whites to make this faster, but I'm out today so I'll use regular eggs. Just a few more seconds of time to crack two in a bowl, discarding the yolks.
Cut a wedge from an apple and remove the peel (it doesn't soften as well as in oatmeal); I keep an apple in a bag in the fridge specifically for this purpose.
Chop into small dice and add to a bowl.

[Like I said, pancakes from scratch really are easy. But when pressed for time, a good mix is the best. Most mixes are not good in my opinion, either from flavor or nutritional value. I love Kodiak Cakes, for the nutrition facts and taste.
From the 1/3 cup portion, I get 7 grams of protein, 15% of the day's calcium, and 130 calories.
It's whole grain and available at my local Safeway. It can also be purchased online in bulk (and cheaper) from Amazon.]

Measure 1/3 cup of mix and add it to the apple.

To mix the batter, add 1/3 cup water (equal parts).
Those are the directions; I like to add a few drops more for a thinner batter that spreads. That's trial and error and personal preference.
Now mix with a whisk to combine the mix, water, and apple.

Ok, we're pan ready. Clock check: it's 8:17 AM. Doing good.
Check the heat on the flat pan; lower a little if necessary.
Spray the pan with a bit of canola spray and add the batter.
This batter has less fat than regular pancakes, so bubbles appear earlier. For from scratch pancakes this is an indicator of flip time, but in this case look at the sides of the pancake instead. When they start to appear solid, it's time to flip. For now, let it be.

Spray the skillet with the canola spray and pour in the eggs.
They should bubble and sizzle right away.

When the bottom of the pancake is browned, time to flip.
That looks perfect.
Now, flips the eggs.

I like to add a little sprinkle of grated cheese to the eggs now. Cause it's yummy. Just a little.

A minute or two more and both are done.

My garnishes of choice today are a big blob of boysenberry preserves and a small blob of dark chocolate peanut butter. I also like a bit of butta and cinnamon sugar. Mmmm.

No time to sit and eat? Both reheat really well, just place in a travel container and warm when you're ready to eat. The jam and pb will get nice and hot too- delish!
Time Check: 8:23 AM. 11 minutes from start to finish!



Erica said...

Such a cute idea for a post. That is a delicious and complete breakfast! Yum. I'm making pancakes later this week for dinner and I can't wait. Gave you a shout out today :)

Unknown said...

YUM! I came by through Erica's blog, I'll be back ;)

Kelly said...

How fast! I love that you clocked in and out. :-)

Unknown said...

hmm, now i'm tempted to do this and roll up the egg in the pancake... and dip it in nut butter? :)