Sunday, February 14, 2010


these guys

These too.

This stone fox.

[ hear that Mom, stone fox! :-) ]

A drippy sweaty-indusing morning workout. Love this entire collection of home-workout DVDs, especially The Firm which includes this new one that uses two 2 lb weighted balls. Tougher than I thought it'd be!

Love our exercise room. We lack a guest room in our little house because of it, but it doubles as my second closet/dressing room. Love anything unique, homemade, or vintage.

The little pots that I use (most often) to make breakfast oats. The stainless steel mini holds one or two portions, the orange pot is for larger quantities.

The collection of peanut butters, which is making my new protein goal far more enjoyable.

The yellow spray bottle from the $1 bin at Target- instrumental in training Padma not to jump on the counters, or bat me when I reject her desire to sit on my lap every minute of every day. She does not like to be squirted with water. Tough love.

Twilight *sigh.*

I'm re-reading Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, there's so much in these books and I know I missed a lot the first time around. I love a series that I can immerse myself in, the kind of book that will take me out of my bedroom and into its world.

Dessert makes me happy. All kinds.

The frozen yogurt has become a bit of a joke in our house, but I'll take a little grief over it. As long as you let me continue to eat it. And those rainbow sprinkles on the frozen yogurt, yes love those.

Watching one of our marathon shows.

Currently Friday Night Lights

(past includes The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Dexter and Lost catch-up, all on Netflix for maximum immersion- recommend all those big time!)

My new dishes. Yes dishes make me smile, and they really pop on camera. My set isn't complete yet, if you'd like to donate a piece or two I am definitely agreeable.

Kate Spade.

And no Ray, you can never have too many Kate Spade handbags. A girl needs one for every occasion in every season . . . . eventually :P

This little one, who often drives me crazy. I just adore her.


And a clean kitchen. It lasts for about 20 minutes, but I relish those 20 minutes of spotlessness.


lazy Saturdays,

wine tasting on a sunny day,

travel to exciting places,
biting into a sandwich when I'm really hungry,
the leather smell and heated seats in Ray's car,

the rare occasion that I fall asleep on the couch,
Swedish massages,
meals crafted with leftovers that are better than the original,
pulling a perfect bread out of the oven,
my friends,
my family

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Erica said...

Such a great post :) I agree with you on so many items- especially great workouts, coffee..mmm, and frozen yogurt! I hope you guys are enjoying your Valentine's day!! PS- I'm totally making my own amazon wish list now!