Monday, October 12, 2009

This Beer's Ok with Me


I have NEVER blogged about beer, and anyone close to me is probably still blinking in shock. I don't drink beer. . . . EVER. Not even in college. . .

No doubt you are reconsidering my validity as a 20-something American. But if I don't like the taste of something, I won't drink it no matter what the promised effects are.
That's beer for me.

But I do love all things pumpkin. The weather has finally gotten chilly here on the Peninsula and I'm starting to feel the pull of Halloween. Looking out my window now, the sky is brewing with the first major storm of the year that has been forecast. I'm thinking fuzzy socks, deep red wine, and steaming chicken broth in a mug. Not usually beer, but a little pumpkin would be good.

For some reason this pumpkin ale drew me in at Whole Foods, in a 'what the hey' moment.

It's locally made which is fun; Hayward is a hop skip and jump across the Bay so we could visit it's home base if we wanted to. Plus Ray, Buffalo Bill's!!! (little inside joke)

We are such wine people, we don't own a decent bottle opener-
we use the WINE OPENER to open beer :-P

Pretty color, definitely thirst-quenching.

I taste and smell the spices, it's aromatic but not overwhelming. I wouldn't drink it on a regular basis- vino is still my drink of choice- but I wouldn't mind buying this six pack in October/November and pouring a glass.

Buffalo Bill's Brewery



Erica said...

LOVE pumpkin beer. I've been telling Josh that I want to go to WFs this weekend to get some!

Anonymous said...

I don't like beer either ... there are very few that I'll drink and they aren't even "real" beers - more fruit beers.