Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ti Couz

What's on your wish list for a day off?
A bit of new scenery, quality time with a favorite companion, some light exercise, and a restaurant on my wish list.
That's how I spent one recently- walking tour through San Francisco with my mom, followed by lunch at Ti Couz, a sweet little creperie on 16th Street and Valencia in the Mission District.

It's popular on the weekend but nice and empty for us. We had the pick of tables after ordering our lunch. After 2 1/2 hours of straight walking in a brisk wind it was lovely to sit down.
Walk in off the street and directly to the counter; it's self-service on weekdays which was fine with us.

Crepes originate from Brittany, in northwestern France. The word itself comes from the Latin crispa which means curled.
In Brittany, crepes are traditionally served with some hard cider. Ti Couz serves several alcoholic and non-alcoholic French ciders. It's certainly an acquired taste, like fermented apples and grapes, slightly effervescent and thirst quenching.
A small was served in a charming ceramic bowl, the perfect size for us to sample.
Order a large and it will appear in ceramic jug. Might go for that next time. . .

You may be familiar with crepes, but likely you haven't had one made with buckwheat flour. These savoury crepes are harder to find, but Ti Couz serves them with a wide range of filling choices.

Hers was filled with a gruyere-like cheese, mushrooms, almonds, and topped with a deliciously rich mushroom sauce.

For me, the combination of tomatoes, egg and and cheese is pretty close to perfect.

Best of all was my companion who provided great company and conversation, and a few tastes from her plate. Thanks Mom, you are my very favorite lunch date.
Ti Couz
3108 16th Street at Valencia
(415) 252-7373



mkp said...

It was a very fun day! But next time, one savory crepe to share and one sweet to share.

Erica said...

sounds just perfect to me! I need a day off just like that