Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Long Absence

Oh no! It's been more than a month! More than a month since I've baked! I've hardly cooked anything either. I promised myself such a gap wouldn't happen again and look what's happened.

My excuse? We moved! Friends, I write to you in the family room of our new house. Not apartment, but house. Since February 20th we were approved for a loan, closed, and moved this past weekend. Evenings were filled with paperwork and working out budgeting, followed by packing and packing and a little more packing. Evening meals have been salads or prepared foods, or the best quality frozen food we can find.

But it has all been worth it. We are in the new house and it's more beautiful than we could have though. My new kitchen is beautiful, with new appliances including a lovely gas stove. It will take a little while to get everything organized, and I'm a little lacking in storage space. Plans for a free standing kitchen island and a bookshelf for more storage, which I intend to devote to 'Baking Central.' Very exciting.

This is the season for Easter candy and Girl Scout cookies too, so NH has been partaking of those very happily and hasn't required any sweets, and he's been sweetly eating prepared foods during our move. I did bake some whole wheat dinner rolls right before the big packing began, those have been yummy.

I foresee some cupcakes on the horizon very soon...
Please stay tuned, I shall be back. :-)

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